3DXTech ThermaX PPSU 1.75mm 500g

3DXTech ThermaX PPSU is a high-quality filament with excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties, as well as great dimensional stability. An ideal choice for a range of demanding applications.

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ThermaX PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) by 3DXTech is a high-performance filament with excellent thermal and chemical resistance characteristics making it an ideal material for many industrial applications.

Key Features:

  • Very high thermal properties with a Tg of 220°C and HDT of 205°C
  • Excellent hydrolytic resistance
  • Outstanding impact resistance
  • Resists most common automotive fluids, including gasoline, antifreeze, transmission fluid, motor oil, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid
  • Inherently flame retardant with low smoke evolution and low smoke toxicity
  • Exceptional strength and modulus, even at elevated temperatures

Guideline Print Settings

Nozzle TemperatureBuild Plate TemperatureHeated Build ChamberBed Adhesion
360-390°C 140-160°C Recommended PEI tape or gluestick applied to glass

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