Filament Diameter (mm)
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)

Chemical Resistant 3D filaments

Chemical Resistant 3D filaments

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3D4Makers PEEK 750g 1.75mm

432,50 €
PEEK is a high-performance thermopolymer resistant to high temperatures and many chemicals. It is a common injection moulding plastic for industrial applications where high strength and low weight are desirable.

XSTRAND GF30-PP 1.75mm 500g

74,17 €
XSTRAND GF30-PP filament for 3D printing is an industrial grade material designed for additive manufacturing and a wide variety of industrial applications. This filament has good UV and chemical resistant properties and is composed of reinforced glass-fiber material,  giving it a high-strength and stiff quality. This filament is suitable for industrial and tooling applications, functional prototyping, small appliances and any sport and leisure demands.